About us

More than three decades devoted to cod

A leading company

in the sector

At Bacalaos Ferro we have spent more than three decades producing and distributing cod nationwide. Located in the Noia estuary (A Coruña), one of the most charming spots on the Galician coast, our aim has always been to offer our customers a product of the highest quality.

Our beginnings date back to the 80's, when we founded our first factory in Barro, on the outskirts of Noia, when the Galician cod fleet was still fishing in the Newfoundland fishing grounds. In 1993 we moved our factory to its current location, in O Obre, also in Noia. Since then - and from here - we have been distributing cod throughout Mainland Spain and northern Portugal.

Quality and experience

The search for the highest quality is our raison d’être. At Bacalaos Ferro we select the best raw material and prepare it with care and attention so that our customers can enjoy excellent cod in all its different cuts and formats.

At Bacalaos Ferro we are genuine experts in the world of cod… and that makes the difference. More than three decades’ experience guarantees our work.

Tradition and innovation

Respect for the product is an essential part of all our processes, enabling us to guarantee the excellent flavour and texture of the cod.

Recently, we have added more innovative formats to our range, allowing consumers to enjoy traditional cod in a simpler and more convenient way.


The art of selecting

the best product

Our care and perfectionism lead us to seek out the best pieces in the market every season. The world of cod is our passion and that is reflected in all our products.

We select the best pieces at source, always line-caught in winter and immediately salted.

This enables us to market the best quality cod with a unique taste and texture.

Our personalised treatment, experience and varied offer do the rest.


The beauty of the

Galician coastline

We are a Galician company located in the heart of the Noia estuary, one of the most beautiful spots of the famous Galician Rías Baixas. This beautiful and peaceful landscape of A Coruña is bordered by Muros to the north, Noia to the east and Porto do Son to the south.

The origins of the towns of Muros and Noia date back to the Middle Ages. Both conserve a historic centre that reflects a stately past linked to the sea and stone: emblazoned houses, arcaded streets, churches and squares. The estuary also offers countless beaches of white sand and crystal-clear waters. Faithful to our origins, Bacalaos Ferro blends into the environment and its seafaring tradition, which provides an essential part of the flavour of the rich Galician cuisine.


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